Coleção Berardo (1960-1990)

Coleção Berardo (1960-1990)
Permanent exhibition
Coleção Berardo (1960-1990)
Permanent exhibition

Currently on this floor, the presentation of works from the collection is dedicated to the period that extends from 1960 to 1990. The exhibition follows a chronological order, grouping together the most significant artistic movements of this the neo-vanguards: minimalism, conceptualism, post-minimalism, Land Art and Arte Povera, to name but a few. Over the course of these movements, the traditional categories that had previously defined the art object now underwent a profound transformation, one whose features had only been hinted at by the earlier, historical vanguards, and they were to undergo further reconfiguration in the years to come.

If, until the 1970s, it was still possible to pinpoint the characteristics of a work of art in terms of these movements, in the following years, the very idea of an artistic movement lost its pertinence and gave way to a proliferation of artistic discourses, open to various readings, some of which are presented here.

Pedro Lapa
Artistic Director

Secondary text: 

Systemic Painting

James Turrel
Revolutionary Body
Nam June Paik and Bill Viola

Land Art
Support-Surface and BMPT
Arte Povera

Christian Boltanski
Nan Goldin

Vito Acconci
Helena Almeida
Carl Andre
Giovanni Anselmo
Art & Language
Larry Bell
Alighiero Boetti
Christian Boltanski
Daniel Buren
Alan Charlton
Dan Flavin
Hamish Fulton
Nan Goldin
Donald Judd
Anish Kapoor
On Kawara
Ellsworth Kelly
Joseph Kosuth
Jannis Kounellis
Sol LeWitt
Richard Long
Robert Mangold
Agnes Martin
Allan McCollum
Mario Merz
Olivier Mosset
Bruce Nauman
Dennis Oppenheim
Nam June Paik
Gina Pane
Pino Pascali
Giuseppe Penone
Michelangelo Pistoletto
Pedro Cabrita Reis
Robert Ryman
Richard Serra
Ernesto de Sousa
Haim Steinbach
Frank Stella
James Turrell
Claude Viallat
Pires Vieira
Bill Viola
Wolf Vostell