Eighth anniversary

Eighth anniversary

On 25 June, the Museu Coleção Berardo will be celebrating its eighth anniversary. The museum's eight years in numbers are as follows: 5,100,032 visitors and 65 exhibitions between 25 June 2007 and 31 May 2015, with 20,561 activities organized by the museum's educational service and attended by 396,815 participants.
The collection includes 1084 works by 563 artists, which have now been on loan to more than two hundred museums and other renowned institutions around the world. Among the most visited exhibitions, all of which are free to enter, is the Coleção Berardo (1960-2010), which, with more than 713,000 visitors, one of the most popular in Portugal.

To commemorate this anniversary, the Museu Coleção Berardo is presenting a special programme that includes a book fair with up to 70% discounts, an ongoing, free educational activity, and also a challenge for twenty-six photographers in the Instagram community.

This will be a way of commemorating another landmark for the museum, thanking everyone who has visited, and also extending an invitation to new visitors. There are currently five exhibitions open to the public, all with free entry: Coleção Berardo 1900-1960, Coleção Berardo 1960-1980, O Olhar do Colecionador / The Collector's Eye, NOVO BANCO Photo 2015, your body is my body — o teu corpo é o meu corpo. Ernesto de Sousa Poster Collection.