Opening of the exhibition Nicolás Paris

Opening of the exhibition Nicolás Paris

On 18 November at 19.00 the Museu Coleção Berardo will open an exhibition by the Colombian artist Nicolás Paris – Four variations on nothing or talking about that which has no name, curated by Filipa Oliveira

William Burroughs called artists mapmakers. By this he did not mean that they dealt with a geographical territory demarcated by borders, but rather alluded to the fact that they create a poetic cartography that attempts to convey meaning and shape the world in which we live. Artists are able to speak about that which hasn’t been named yet. The work of Nicolás Paris (Bogotá, Colombia, 1977) is very much in this vein: a poetic resistance against conventions, rules and ingrained beliefs in an attempt to discover new ways of seeing and experiencing the places that we encounter.

In Paris’ work, the distance between the viewer, the artwork and the artist is abolished and the art space, or the museum, is transformed into a place of precarious and unforeseen experimentation. Art is what happens when all of these factors combine. The museum becomes a tool for fostering exchange and opening up the chance to construct new forms of knowledge and understanding.

Four variations on nothing or talking about that which has no name is conceived as a process of examination in which art is seen as a series of encounters and situations that happen in time. Four variations, four rooms, four concepts: tool, method, idea and system – these are the underpinnings of the thought and work of Paris.

This exhibition presents an investigation by Nicolás Paris that focuses on the processes of dissemination rather than the processes behind the production of art. One of its aims is to look at art as an exchange of views. In this context, the opening of the exhibition means that the public can enjoy the product of a very close collaboration between the artist and the educational service, which has resulted in a wide range of activities, events and workshops within and outside the museum. Visitors are invited to take part in participatory processes, public events and knowledge-sharing initiatives.

A book about Nicolás Paris work, featuring an essay by curator Filipa Oliveira and contributions by several authors, will be published during the exhibition.