Portrait of Jacqueline
Date 1984
Medium Oil, ceramics and glue on wood
Dimensions 152.1 x 122 x 11 cm
Inventory ID UID 102-519
A portrait of the painter's first wife, Jacqueline Beaurang. Along with his glued shards, this work is characteristic of the period that made Julian Schnabel famous (like Corinne near Armenia, 1984, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles or the portraits of Claude Picasso, Joseph Ramaseder, Fred Hughes, Markus Lüpertz...). The physical density of the surface maintains a conflictive relationship with colour, relegating the characteristics of the image to the background. Through fragments of used crockery, Schnabel introduces distancing elements that highlight the ambiguity and ambivalence of the image. By using these objects and a larger-than-life format, he desacralizes the portrait in its traditional function, at the same time revealing the beauty of the model. AC
Artist’s collection; private collection; acquired at Christie’s, New York, 9 November 1993.