Date 1923
Medium Oil on canvas
Dimensions 47 x 38 cm
Inventory ID UID 102-533
In 1922, one year before this painting, Servranckx’s titles, such as Femmes et Chevaux [Women and Horses], showed that the painter had not yet completely abandoned figurative work. This piece, from 1923, marks a radical change. The light layer above might evoke a sky, and the superimposing of different planes produces an effect of perspective (a landscape of hilltops!). This composition illustrates the process of abstraction of formal elements belonging to the figurative vocabulary. The colours in the layers are voluntarily limited and we do not know whether they belong to the same planes. We can imagine that they are simply superimposed, like five sheets of coloured paper that the painter has cut out and combined. AC
Private collection, Germany; Galerie Von Bartha; acquired in 1998.