Paravent, Quatre Feuilles (Le Firmament)
Date 1932
Medium Oil on canvas
Dimensions 129 x 177 cm
Inventory ID UID 102-563
This screen dates from 1932, a particularly difficult period for the painter. In 1928, Marcel Duhamel stopped supporting his friends and Yves Tanguy found himself on the street, living in hotel rooms which he covertly abandoned and in sordid lodgings. He was painting little and plunged into alcoholism. In 1932, he had no choice but to make frames and undertake carpentry work. Only one other screen is known, from 1928, which is preserved at the Art Institute of Chicago. It is possible that Tanguy, without any other resources, had the idea of painting screens in order to draw attention to his work because they were more ‘commercial’ than the paintings that he was unable to sell. But their height, which does not correspond to the traditional use of these pieces of furniture, may also suggest that he was merely undertaking pictorial research into new types of support. AC
Michel Couturier, Paris; Gallery André François Petit, Paris (1963); auctioned at Sotheby’s, London, 1989; Fabian Carlsson, 1989; Dr Sascha Nacht, Paris; auctioned at Sotheby’s, London, 1999; Acquarella Galleries, Inc., New York; James Goodman Gallery, New York; The Mayor Gallery, London, acquired in 2000.