Date 1936
Medium Mahogany
Dimensions 56 x 70 x 57 cm
Inventory ID UID 102-585
Georges Vantongerloo began by working using simple geometric shapes including squares, rectangles and cones. He then used algebraic formulas that allowed him to build less systematic outlines. From 1930 to 1936, the mathematical reference is directly inferred in the titles of the pieces of art. Through the title of this work, which is presented as an ‘objective’ formula, the painter-sculptor suggests a type of detachment in order to impose the idea that the universe is abstract. The preparatory drawing (Chantal and Jakob Bill collection) for this ‘sculpture-structure’ is reproduced in the publication Georges Vantongerloo (Gallimard, 2008, p.108).
Annely Juda Fine Arts, London, acquired in 1999.