Self Portrait (Smoke Dream)
Date 1964
Medium Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions 101.5 x 101.5 cm
Inventory ID UID 102-150
In the upper right-hand quadrant the painter has stuck an enlargement of a photograph of himself in which he is looking to the right. Below, he continues the line along the lower part of his face and the tree trunk. In the lower left-hand quadrant he uses acrylic, in a simplified manner, to continue the representation of the pullover, neck and head of the portrait as well as the blue sky. Above, on the left, the white stripes of a highway extend into the background as if seen by a driver moving at high speed at night under a full moon. This representation of the landscape is more symbolic than descriptive, which explains the title Smoke Dream that was given to the work. AC
Samuel Dorsky Gallery, New York; acquired at Sotheby's, New York, 11 November 1993.