Coquilles Fleurs
Date 1929
Medium Oil on canvas
Dimensions 114.5 x 87.5 x 2 cm
Inventory ID UID 102-184
Max Ernst applied the frottage technique, drawn on a piece of paper, to painting. He scratched and wiped the paint down to the surface of the canvas. By mixing paints he created a kaleidoscopic effect. In this way, he developed series such as Forests, Cities and Flowers. In 1928, he painted around 60 studies of flowers, shells, flower-shells which according to René Crevel were ‘bony flowers, scale flowers, tubular flowers, flowers struggling under water, flowers with necks pierced by stones’ (preface to 1928 exhibition at the Galerie Georges Bernheim in Paris, titled Max Ernst, ses oiseaux, ses fleurs nouvelles [Max Ernst, his Birds, his New Flowers]. In general the studies were small in size and depicted one, two or three flowers. In 1929, he created them on a larger scale, as in this painting. AC
Galerie L’Effort moderne, Paris (Léonce Rosenberg); Mr & Mrs Leigh B. Block, Chicago (1967); Harold Diamond, New York; Charles Kriwin gallery, Brussels; Waddington Galleries Limited, London; acquired in 1998.