Personnage à la Main Percée II 16-2 38
Date 1936
Medium Indian ink, pastel and pencil on paper
Dimensions 20.6 x 14 cm
Inventory ID UID 102-225
After Femme se coiffant [Woman Combing Her Hair] (1930-1931), Julio González started to sculpt large, vertical female figures in welded wrought iron, while continuing to create heads and work with volumes. He gradually reduced the number and form of the constituent elements. The theme can therefore still be identified in the works ranging from Tête longue tige [Long-Stemmed Head] (1932), to L’Ange, l’insecte, la danseuse [The Angel, the Insect, the Dancer] (1935). However, with Femme assise II [Seated Woman II] (1935-1936) there was no longer any apparent relationship with reality and the sculptor turned to abstraction through the large sculptures that he called ‘metamorphic’ (from Femme assise III to Daphné). Personnage à la main percée II [Figure with pierced hand II] was part of this series. Another drawing (belonging to the Rijksmuseum Kröller-Müller), a study for the same sculpture, is dated 25 December 1939. However, Julio González never made this sculpture due to the war and lack of time (he died a few months later). AC
Acquired from Julio González’s heirs, Paris.