Nu Debout
Date 1958
Medium Oil on canvas
Dimensions 121 x 60.5 x 2 cm
Inventory ID UID 102-335
Eugène Leroy frequently painted nudes, depicting standing or squatting women. His model was usually Valentine, whom he met in 1929 and married in 1933, the great love of his life until her death in 1979. He mistrusted his own spontaneity, his excessive emotion with respect to the subject and the anecdotal content that might come to dominate. And so, he simplified. He stated: ‘Painting is slowly penetrating things’. He added, absorbed, smothered, hid, in order to control and hold back excessive emotion and thus reveal the true subject. The thickness of the paint represents the traces of the painter’s battle with painting rather than a form of expressionism. His aim was to allow the image and the painting of the image to coexist. AC
Galerie de France, Paris; acquired in 1997.