Date 1971
Medium Oil and Magna (acrylic) on canvas
Dimensions 183.1 x 91.4 x 3.8 cm
Inventory ID UID 102-338
Begun in 1969, the numbered series Mirrors includes fourteen paintings and several prints. This series holds a special place in Lichtenstein's work, the idea for which came from the reproductions of mirrors in sales catalogues. It suppresses the subject but conserves the form of the mirror, most frequently oval, and its handling of the light reflections verge on abstraction, a simple black and blue scheme that suggests mass production. Only one small yellow reflection in the lower right of the painting disturbs the glacial effect. Eliminating all emotion, the artist sought to transmit what could have been produced by a machine. He also tried to transmit the immaterial – in this case light – in a pictorial way (as he had done before when representing the flames and flashes of explosions), and to capture time and movement (as in his brush strokes). AC
Given by the artist to David Lichtenstein; The Mayor Gallery, London; acquired in 1995.