Royal Tide, Dawn
Date 1960 - 1964
Medium Golden paint on wood
Dimensions 231.1 x 160 x 27 cm
Inventory ID UID 102-407
‘After this, there was gold. Gold; you see, a kind of earth. It’s like the sun, like the moon, gold. There is more gold in nature than we imagine. Each day, in fact, sunbeams turn what they touch into gold. […] Gold is a metal that reflects the big sun. When we wear it, it represents the essence of what we call the reality of the universe. Therefore, I think gold came to me after black and white, in a totally natural way. In fact, for me it was a return to the elements: shadow, light, sun, moon’. (Louise Nevelson, Aubes et crépuscules, Éditions des Femmes, Paris, 1983, p. 175). Royal Tide was the name given to a new series of a dozen boxes which she painted in gold paint to imitate gold. Her first work dates from 1960 (Peter and Beverly Lipman collection) and the second from 1961-1963 (Whitney Museum of American Art, New York). The large work at the Tate Modern in London, An American Tribute to the British People (1960-1964), also belongs to this series. For a piece of these dimensions, Louise Nevelson used existing ‘boxes’ that she put together, which explains the different dates (in this case ranging from 1960 to 1964). AC
The Pace Gallery, New York; acquired at Christie’s, New York, 9 November 1993.