Judy (Lisbon Version)
Date 1994
Medium Mixed media
Inventory ID UID 102-416
Tony Oursler studied at the California Institute of Arts, where he worked principally with video and installation. In 1976 he completed his first videotape, Joe, Joe’s Woman and Joe’s Transsexual Brother, which starred toys (Barbie and GI Joe) in a televised spectacle of sex and violence. The tapes from the 1980s featured characters (in modelling clay, as cartoons, or actors in costumes) exhibiting deviant social and sexual behaviour. These ‘marionettes’ evolved within the scenery. In the 1990s Oursler pursued and developed his work on installations and created cloth ‘dolls’ of anthropomorphic appearance, animated in video projection. According to him, ‘the dolls are a solution to assure the transition into this world, they take the place of the viewer and displace him. Video is no longer like a window through which one looks, it has become something physical.’ The first version of Judy was presented in 1994 at the Kunstverein in Salzburg. Its intent is to show multiple personality disorders in the context of means of mass communication. The installation shows Judy’s fragmentation into four personalities: Horrerotic Doll, The Boas, Fuck You and Foetal Figure. J-FC