Date 2002
Medium Chippendale chair, acrylic box, velvet
Dimensions 160 x 110 x 110 cm
Inventory ID NA-939
In the context of modern Western culture, objects of everyday use manufactured in other periods of artisanal production come to be highly valued: this interest is due, among other reasons, to the patient, careful work that goes into producing something handmade and unreproducible, completely different from the mechanised and serialised production of today. As choice objects of these periods, possessing a unique mastery, antiquities have established a valuable market on which contemporaneity speculates, carrying out surplus-value operations that exceed the old use value of objects and assign them an almost exclusive exchange value. Although the passage of time favours this situation, it also acts irreversibly on the objects, to the extent that it simultaneously raises their value and destroys them—such is the case of the woodworm infestation in this Chippendale chair, which, with time, will be reduced to dust. (PL)