Date 2001
Medium Trailer, coastal city model, water with dye and video system
Dimensions 160 x 160 x 80 cm
Inventory ID NA-941
Road trips are vehicles for good stories, so naturally Palma has incorporated them into his work. In Lisbon-Rotterdam (2001), the artist drove from Lisbon to Rotterdam with a trailer containing a maquette of a small village encased in Plexiglas. Inside the box, blue-tinted water at the foot of the village splashed and threatened to drown the town every time the car drove over a bumpy road or made a sharp turn. The piece speaks to nature's unpredictable power: earthquakes plague Portugal, and Rotterdam is in constant danger of flooding. Both cities have spent hundreds of years preparing against an unpredictable future, but nothing can prevent inevitable catastrophe. Much like Lisbon-Rotterdam, once on the road, there is no stopping it. Eventual regional stability comes only with the time—an element nobody has any control over. (PJ)