The changes which have taken place in society are revealed by museums through their collections – in the case of the Museu Coleção Berardo through an art collection which examines a period from the early 20th century to the present day.
The key objective of the programme of the Educational Department, which emphasises and fosters social inclusion, is to involve the public by providing a point of access to culture and art, areas of essential importance in contemporary society.
The Educational Department is responsible for identifying the ideas at play in the work of art, discovering them and deepening them at various levels, thereby helping to develop cognitive abilities in every age group through activities which stimulate curiosity, thought and reflection and thus instilling critical appreciation.
The museum programme is designed for an audience aged 2 and upwards. As such, it develops contact with art from an early age, up through schoolchildren to families and adults, and in this way it aims to stimulate and encourage life-long learning, a key aspect of modern society.

Cristina Gameiro
Coordinator of the Educational Department