Schools and organised groups

  • Play visits, guided visits and thematic visits: 1€ per person
  • Play/workshop visits: €2.50 per person


  • «Family» activities: €2,5 per person
  • Holidays at the Museum: please contact the museum
  • A day at the museum: €30 per person (includes lunch)
  • A night at the museum: please contact the museum
  • Birthday parties: €12 per person (snack not included)


  • Guided visits of the Coleção Berardo: free once a month (on a weekend TBA)
  • Guided visits, brief visits breves and thematic visits: €50, visit in Portuguese; 60€, visit in a foreign language.
  • Conversations and discussions, Workshops and Courses: please contact the museum

Warning: Except for school activities and organized groups, for all other activities visitors must buy an entrance ticket. (See price list)