Rules and recomendations

Rules and recomendations

Groups & School Parties

All groups must book in advance, irrespective of whether taking part in visits or activities run by the Educational Department.

To ensure the museum services are as well organised as possible, it is requested that you book preferably at least one week in advance.

Teachers/group leaders are responsible for the behaviour and safety of their groups. Under no circumstances does the museum accept this responsibility.


Before the Visit:

  • Go over the museum rules with pupils/group members;
  • Arrive at the museum reception area some minutes prior to the visit so that the group can be organised and the visit begun on time;
  • Do not take food or drink into the museum; chewing gum is also forbidden;
  • Leave all umbrellas in the cloakroom;
  • If possible, leave your rucksack in the bus. If that is not possible, it must be left in the cloakroom;
  • Switch all mobile phones to silent before entering the museum.


During the Visit:

  • Do not speak loudly;
  • Do not disturb other groups during their visit;
  • Do not run;
  • Do not push;
  • Do not go beyond the lines marked on the floor;
  • Do not touch the works of art or the exhibition stands;
  • Do not lean against the walls;
  • You may only draw or write with a pencil on materials smaller than 30x40 cm. The use of larger materials is reserved for activities organised by the staff of the Educational Department;
  • You may only take photographs if you do not use a flash.
  • During activities organised by the Educational Department, you may not be allowed to take photographs if it disturbs the activity in question.


Please observe these rules for your own benefit and for that of all the museum visitors. Failure to comply with the museum rules and recomendations will result in termination of the visit since a calm and reflective atmosphere is required for enjoyment of the works of art.