Coleção Berardo (1900–1960)

Coleção Berardo (1900–1960)
Permanent exhibition
- 13/03/2020
Coleção Berardo (1900–1960)
Permanent exhibition
- 13/03/2020

The Berardo Collection draws a path through 20th-century art to the art of today via its most significant movements and protagonists. On this floor, a walk through modern art, beginning at the outset of the 20th century with the work of Picasso and the invention of Cubism on the one hand, and Duchamp and the questions posed by the ready-made on the other. The rapid and vertiginous succession of vanguards that introduced new concepts of space may be followed in the sections devoted to Dadaism, Constructivism, Neo-Plasticism, Surrealism and Abstraction-Création. Here we see a proliferation of different positions that brought about a radical change in the way we think about a work of art and its nature and function.

The movements that emerged after World War II are represented by Informalism, Abstract Expressionism, the Nouvelle École de Paris, kinetic art, Group Zero, Spatialism, different positions in relation to figuration and Color Field. These movements had as points of departure the concepts of the earlier vanguards, turning Abstraction into the artistic lingua franca of the new world order, despite antimodernist opposition, and despite the growing institutionalisation of art. The latter unhooked art from the intimate relation it had enjoyed with life in the utopian projects of the initial vanguards.

The emergence of Neo-Dadaism, Nouveau Réalisme and Pop art came to enable the rediscovery—in Duchamp’s gesture and in the invention of the ready-made—of meaning as a singular event not ruled by reason. In the frame of a prosperous development of the Western economic, this disclosed a fragmented subject amidst the world’s vestiges, tendentially hostage to a subjectivity of consumption.

Pedro Lapa
Exhibition curator

Secondary text: 

Cubist spaces
De Stijl
Abstraction between the wars
Post-war figuration
Abstract Expressionism
New School of Paris
Kinetic and op art
Fernand Léger and Josef Albers
Group Zero
Fontana, Manzoni and Klein
Existential Figuration
“Presentness is Grace”
Décollage, Nouveau Réalisme
British Pop art
American Pop art

Eileen Agar
Josef Albers
Karel Appel
Kenneth Armitage
Jean Arp
Bernard Aubertin
Francis Bacon
William Baziotes
Hans Bellmer
Étienne Béothy
Max Bill
Roger Bissière
Peter Blake
Agostino Bonalumi
Derek Boshier
Pauline Boty
René Braem
Victor Brauner
André Breton
Carl Buchheister
Pol Bury
Marcelle Cahn
Alexander Calder
Anthony Caro
Enrico Castellani
Lourdes Castro
Patrick Caulfield
Lynn Chadwick
John Chamberlain
Giorgio de Chirico
Joseph Cornell
Salvador Dalí
Alan Davie
Allan D'Arcangelo
Robert Delaunay
Paul Delvaux
Walter Dexel
Jim Dine
César Domela
Óscar Domínguez
Jean Dubuffet
Marcel Duchamp
Max Ernst
José Escada
Öyvind Fahlström
Jean Fautrier
Lucio Fontana
Sam Francis
Otto Freundlich
Albert Gleizes
Julio González
Jean Gorin
Arshile Gorky
Adolph Gottlieb
Emilio Greco
Francis Gruber
Philip Guston
Renato Guttuso
Raymond Hains
Richard Hamilton
Hans Hartung
Jean Hélion
Florence Henri
Auguste Herbin
Jacques Hérold
David Hockney
Georges Hugnet
Valentine Hugo
Vilmos Huszár
Robert Indiana
Alain Jacquet
Allen Jones
Asger Jorn
David Kakabadzé
Lajos Kassák
Alex Katz
Phillip King
R. B. Kitaj
Edward Kienholz
Yves Klein
Franz Kline
Gustav Klucis
Greta Knutson
Willem de Kooning
Lee Krasner
Gerald Laing
Wilfredo Lam
Fernand Léger
Fernando Lemos
Eugène Leroy
Roy Lichtenstein
Lazar El Lissitzky
Morris Louis
Heinz Mack
René Magritte
Alfred Manessier
Piero Manzoni
André Masson
Roberto Matta
Henri Michaux
Joan Mitchell
Joan Miró
Amedeo Modigliani
Lászlo Moholy-Nagy
Piet Mondrian
Henry Moore
Giorgio Morandi
Richard Mortensen
Louise Nevelson
Ben Nicholson
Claes Oldenburg
Amédée Ozenfant
Wolfgang Paalen
Eduardo Paolozzi
Philip Pearlstein
Roland Penrose
Peter Phillips
Francis Picabia
Pablo Picasso
Otto Piene
Serge Poliakoff
Sigmar Polke
Jackson Pollock
Liubov Popova
Mel Ramos
Robert Rauschenberg
Man Ray
Martial Raysse
Mauro Reggiani
Ad Reinhardt
Germaine Richier
Bridget Riley
Larry Rivers
Joaquim Rodrigo
James Rosenquist
Mimmo Rotella
Pierre Roy
Mark Rothko
Edward Ruscha
Niki de Saint-Phalle
Lucas Samaras
Kurt Schwitters
Kurt Seligmann
Victor Servranckx
Maria Helena Vieira da Silva
Jack Smith
Jesús Rafael Soto
Pierre Soulages
Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso
Daniel Spoerri
Nicolas de Staël
Bob Stanley
Henryk Stazewski
Jindrich Styrsky
Yves Tanguy
Joe Tilson
Jean Tinguely
Joaquín Torres-García
William Turnbull
Léon Tutundjian
Cy Twombly
Tristan Tzara
Günther Uecker
Georges Vantongerloo
Victor Vasarely
Emilio Vedova
Bram van Velde
Aleksandr Vesnin
Jacques Villeglé
Friedrich Vordemberge-Gildewart
Andy Warhol
Tom Wesselmann