Bacalhôa Vinhos de Portugal

Bacalhôa Vinhos de Portugal

Operating in a highly competitive sector, both in terms of national and international producers, resulting from an inevitable and gradual globalisation, Bacalhôa Vinhos de Portugal, S.A.'s vision consists of continuing to pay close attention to all competitive factors by anticipating and adapting, as much at the wine-making level as in terms of enology, production, sales and marketing. Bacalhôa Vinhos de Portugal applies best practices in all of these areas, as well as the most appropriate resources to integrate into the markets where it operates at high levels of quality and competitiveness.

Given the competitive nature of the market, the strategy employed by Bacalhôa Vinhos de Portugal involves focusing on a policy of product differentiation allied to a heavy emphasis on innovation in order not only to satisfy the expectations of our clients, but also anticipate and exceed them.

The core values of this strategy are the creation of a high-quality image and the constant striving in our products for the best relationship between quality and price.

It is in this context that Quinta da Bacalhôa supports the Museu Coleção Berardo at the opening of its temporary exhibitions, as well as at other events organised by the museum throughout the year, benefitting from the museum's goodwill and providing a platform for promoting its excellent wines to a generally demanding audience. Quinta da Bacalhôa wines have been served to 31,489 visitors at 59 exhibition openings at the Museu Coleção Berardo.