Invitation | Double Opening: Rui Sanches & Constellations II | Wed. 9 October, 7 p.m - FREE ADMISSION

Invitation | Double Opening: Rui Sanches & Constellations II | Wed. 9 October, 7 p.m - FREE ADMISSION

The Museu Coleção Berardo invites you to the opening of Rui Sanches' solo exhibition “Mirror”, and of “Constellations II: a choreography of minimal gestures”, on 9 October, Wednesday, at 7 p.m. FREE ADMISSION. Everyone’s invited!

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Rui Sanches

With its sculpture counterpart at the Torreão Nascente of Cordoaria Nacional, the exhibition at Museu Coleção Berardo shows several recent series of works in which Rui Sanches intersects different supports, media, and techniques  - drawing on paper, photography, clay works, wall sculptures in various materials. Bringing into play multiple, mostly art-historical references, these works break with the plane to invade the space - while returning to the paper surface in an opposite movement, as though it tore its two-dimensionality apart, perforating it and endowing it with depth.

Curated by Sara Antónia Matos.


Constellations II: a choreography of minimal gestures

 Following up on the first instance of this project, opened in last April, and presenting a new exhibition space with new invited artists, the aim of Constellations II: a choreography of minimal gestures is to regard the Berardo Collection as a horizontal research territory where vertical "cuts" - incisions on its permanent stability - suddenly appear.
 In this context, several national and international artists are confronted with seminal pieces from the collection.
 Thus, adopting an anachronistic approach that plunges into the different sections of the exhibition, this setting makes way for the constellatory tracing of the flux between History and its own investigation, aiming to enquire into intrinsic connections between the twentieth-century avantgardes and our current production. This set of interventions, following a loose (and conceptual) narrative line, has at its core the philosophical concept of constellation.

Curated by Ana Rito & Hugo Barata.

"Constellations II: a choreography of minimal gestures" features works by: Nuno Sousa Vieira, Fernanda Gomes, Kazimir Malevich, Os Espacialistas, Félix González-Torres, Fernando Calhau, Giulio Paolini, Jemima Stehli, Ignasi Aballí, Ana Hatherly, Susana Mendes Silva, José Maçãs de Carvalho, Jack Pierson, Glenn Ligon, Mark Rothko, Angel Vergara, Sarah Lucas, Gina Pane, Ernesto de Sousa, João Tabarra, Rui Chafes, Douglas Gordon, Maya Deren and Diogo Pimentão.