Museu Coleção Berardo with three new exhibitions in October

Museu Coleção Berardo with three new exhibitions in October
In October we will open 3 new exhibitions: 10/10, Lu Nan, Trilogy - Photos (1989-2004); 18/10, Sharon Lockhart - exhibition in co-production with the Doclisboa festival; 26/10, Brazilian Modernism, Artworks of the Edson Queiroz Collection. These are 3 good reasons to come to the Museu Colecção Berardo. You're invited to the openings!

Lu Nan, Trilogy - Photos (1989-2004) | Opening: 10/10/2017, Tuesday.

Started in 1989, Lu Nan took 15 years to complete his Trilogy: 1) The Forgotten People - Living Conditions of China's Psychiatric Patients; 2) On the Road - The Catholic Faith in China; 3) Four Seasons - Everyday Life of Tibetan Peasants. Through the epic format of a major photographic work, the Lu Nan Trilogy affirms a richly human way of looking.
Curator: João Miguel Barros

Sharon Lockhart - exhibition in co-production with the festival Doc Lisboa | Opening 18/10/2017, Wednesday.

Sharon Lockhart is an American artist (born in 1964) whose work reflects on the social issues of the contemporary world. Through techniques such as film and photography, Sharon Lockhart performs his work within the communities with whom she establishes bonds during the time in which his projects last, almost always in the long run. This exhibition, curated by Pedro Lapa, is about the most recent work of Sharon Lockhart, revolving around the conditions and rights of children and young people, in a project inspired in part by the life and work of Polish Jewish pedagogue Janus Korczak. In her projects, Sharon Lockhart immerses herself in the lives of the people she works with, taking photographs, films and installations in which she captures her unique human qualities. In the Museu Berardo exhibition there will be a selection of works from 1999 to 2017, under the theme of children's rights, the ephemeral and their capacity, which reflects "Little Review" that is installed in the pavilion of Poland at the Venice Art Biennial until November.
Curator: Pedro Lapa

Brazilian Modernism, Artworks of the Edson Queiroz Collection | Opening: 26/10/2017, Thursday.

Over the last 30 years, the Edson Queiroz Foundation (FEQ), based in Fortaleza, has been one of the most solid collections of Brazilian art, covering approximately four hundred years of artistic production with significant works of all periods. This exhibition is about Brazilian Modernism and presents a selection of works from the Edson Queiroz Collection between the decades of 20 and 60.
Curator: Regina Teixeira de Barros.
Image: (Brazilian Modernism Exhibition, Edson Queiroz Collection Works)
JOSÉ PANCETTI (1902-1958)
Monteserrat, Bahia, 1956
oil on canvas
19 x 27 cm
Dimension with frame: 50.5 x 60.5 x 4.5 cm